With states and countries dropping restrictions and people booking air travel, operational efficiency for travel agencies is more important than ever. Many agencies are smaller than they were at the start of 2020 and responding to increased traveler demand requires getting the most out of available resources.

A convenient and flexible way to process payments is through the ARC Pay processing platform. It’s more versatile and efficient than you might expect. Travel agencies can process transactions for any travel-related goods or services, not just service fees, including large-dollar or complex transactions on major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB and UATP.

Here are four ways ARC Pay helps you be more efficient:

  1. Manage all your credit card transactions in one place. By processing your credit card transactions with ARC Pay, payments are consolidated in your weekly ARC report, letting you manage transactions in one central location without the need to switch platforms.

  1. If you use any of the popular GDSs, enter one simple airline code to save time and eliminate errors rekeying data just to process a card payment. If you’re a VTC, take advantage of ARC Pay Hub to process credit cards when you log into in My ARC.

  1. Manage high-dollar transactions. Did you know that you can use ARC Pay to process more than service fees? As an ARC-accredited agency, you can process transactions up to $10,000 — making it ideal for groups and premium purchases. An increase in the maximum amount of transaction dollars allowed is planned for 2022.

  1. Put API technology to work for you. ARC is developing an extension of its core payment processing platform -- an ARC Pay API that allows you to offer a smooth payment experience to your customers. Key features will include tokenization/card on file, fraud preventions tools and hosted PCI avoidance payment forms for enhanced security and a better user experience. To learn more about the ARC Pay API and enroll in its beta program, contact us at arcpay@arccorp.com.

25-Year History of Working Exclusively with Travel Agents

ARC Pay was built by travel professionals for travel professionals more than 25 years ago. ARC understands the way you work and what you need from a payment processor.

We fully expect to keep delivering purpose-built products and services to help the travel community grow and thrive for at least the next 25 years. Based on your input, ARC will be rolling out new technologies and services this year. Our new, upgraded functionalities will meet the need for seamlessly integrated payments, PCI avoidance and the enhanced security requirements around NDC.

Ready to get started?

If you're an ARC-accredited agent or a Verified Travel Consultant (VTC), call the ARC Customer Care Center (855-816-8003) to get started using ARC Pay. GDS users can find specific instructions on each of the GDS websites and/or customer support centers. VTCs can log in to My ARC and select "ARC Pay Hub" in the YOUR TOOLS section.

To learn more about ARC Pay, visit the webpage, or contact the payments team directly at arcpay@arccorp.com.