As a member of the global air travel community, ARC fully understands the tremendous pressure all of our partners are facing during this unprecedented time of volatility. We believe in the travel industry's resilience.

Airlines and travel agencies are navigating immense challenges as they manage the impacts of this pandemic. ARC is providing the following resources to help its customers contend with these challenges.

The Impact of Coronavirus on Air Travel The Impact of Coronavirus on Air Travel: ARC is committed to providing timely information and travel data to help our partners and all those involved in the industry make responsible, informed decisions.
Airline Refund and Exchange Information Airline Refund and Exchange Information: View the latest information regarding airline refunds, including which ARC-participating airlines:
    • Are managing refunds directly
    • Are managing refunds through the GDS
    • Have reinstated refunds in the GDS
    • Have extended the ticket validity window
    • Have informed ARC of recent changes to refund or rebooking policies
COVID-19 Airline Ticket Management Scenarios: ARC has been working with airlines and travel agencies to examine the pain points around how airlines are managing unused ticket values during COVID-19. One of the greatest challenges is managing the value of a ticket outside direct refunds to the original form of payment. Airlines are taking different approaches to this process. This matrix outlines some of the most common approaches taken by airlines and highlights the benefits and challenges provided by the airline and agency community. This includes a column to reflect whether the approach can be processed through ARC’s settlement platform. ARC plans to update the matrix as it continues to communicate with industry stakeholders.
Managing COVID-19-Related Debit Memos and Chargebacks Managing COVID-19-Related Debit Memos and Chargebacks: ARC is taking several actions to help agencies more easily manage debit memos and chargebacks through this challenging period.
Airline Ticket Validity Extensions Airline Ticket Validity Extensions: ARC has implemented an enhancement that allows airlines the option of extending the period of time available for agents to process exchanges and refunds settled through ARC beyond the current standard of 13 months from ticketing date of issue. The options now available, in addition to 13 months, are 18, 24, 30 or 39 months from the ticketing date of issue. When an airline chooses to enable one of these options, the selected extended ticket validity becomes effective in IAR for all ARC-accredited agencies. A list of the airlines opting to extend ticket validity is available here.
Fraud Prevention Resources Fraud Prevention Resources: ARC has several resources available to help the global travel community combat fraud:
Recommendations for Managing Airline Schedule Changes:
    • These new guidelines from ARC’s Debit Memo Working Group aim to help airlines, travel agencies and GDSs manage airline schedule changes more effectively.