From airlines and travel agencies to economists, destination marketers and global consulting firms, hundreds of companies rely on ARC’s global airline sales data to make informed business decisions. In a volatile environment, such as the one COVID-19 has created, it’s especially important that businesses plan for the future using the most comprehensive, timely data available.

The newly launched ARC Travel Demand dataset was designed to help businesses navigate the impacts of COVID-19, and it is now available through Snowflake’s Data Marketplace. Snowflake users can easily query, ingest and analyze ARC’s data on demand, without the need for any additional data storage. Users simply pay for the ARC dataset and any compute credits used for queries.

For a preview of what ARC’s data can do, Snowflake users can access a complimentary subset of ARC Travel Demand data through the Snowflake Data Marketplace. Users can explore six months of historical travel data to gain insights into daily air travel purchases, cancellations and departures for trips from the U.S. to Mexico — as well as aggregated air travel volume trends and fares. This data helps users understand the impacts of COVID-19 on travel demand and build demand planning models for the future.

“We are very excited to welcome ARC to the Snowflake Data Marketplace,” said Matt Glickman, Vice President, Data Marketplace and Customer Product Strategy for Snowflake. “As we all navigate these trying times, many organizations across industries are looking for data to guide them through the economic recovery of this crisis. ARC’s very unique air travel sales data will play a key role, shining a light on how people are traveling through this crisis."

Snowflake’s platform offers several benefits to ARC’s data customers, including the ability to:

  • Immediately layer ARC data with other Snowflake-hosted datasets for additional insights.
  • Create customized data feeds as needed, including custom outputs that can be created with a single SQL query.
  • Access data directly from their own business intelligence tools (including Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and Excel) to analyze ARC data within their existing technology stack.
  • Simplify data analysis processes by eliminating issues associated with file transfers. With Snowflake’s cloud-based storage, there is no need to store multiple copies of data. This approach provides reduced latency and ensures the latest data is always available on demand. It also eliminates the overhead of managing file transfers including storage costs, custom development costs, and operational needs for file monitoring and error handling, greatly simplifying the overall process.

“Snowflake has been a key partner in ARC’s technology transformation,” said Mostafa Ghazi, ARC’s solutions architect. “As ARC works to make its data offerings more flexible and easily accessible, Snowflake provides a central, integrated and secure platform that delivers additional benefits to our data customers.”