To confidently manage their businesses, travel agencies have to analyze an increasingly large — and complex — volume of data. Pulling data together from various systems and consolidating it to prepare for airline meetings is a difficult and time-consuming endeavor, and it’s critical to ensure this data is accurate and complete.

Agency BI gives travel agencies the actionable intelligence they need to evaluate performance, make decisions that enhance operations, perform benchmarking comparisons, and better prepare for airline negotiations.

ARC is proud to announce an important new release of Agency BI. This version centers on the move to a cloud-based platform that delivers more data faster than ever before, and it comes with important new functionality. This release is a result of ARC’s transformation of its core technologies and infrastructure, and it sets the stage for continued improvement of its analytics platforms to meet the evolving needs of the global travel community.

Along with user interface improvements, the new Agency BI focuses on three important areas:

Improved Performance

  • Save views and queries. Spend time analyzing and reporting instead of building views.
  • Agency BI is cloud-based:
    • Access a vast amount of data in seconds
    • Access data from multiple devices, anywhere

More Data and Analysis Options

Agency BI’s expanded data horizon provides new ways to see how your business is performing.

  • View your current year’s sales data, two full years of historical data and all future departures.
  • Analyze specific metrics quickly and precisely with more filters, including:
    • Origin and destination regions
    • Bidirectional country and airport
  • To remove any filters you’ve applied, simply use the “Revert” button to return to previous views.

Easy Reporting

  • Automatically download to PowerPoint, PDF and Excel.
  • Instantly share insights, report findings and collaborate.

To see what the new Agency BI can do for your agency, contact us for a personalized demo.