ARC is pleased to announce that it has made several major enhancements to Aria—a business intelligence dashboard that provides travel agencies with meaningful and actionable insights into their ARC-settled transactions.

Updated weekly, Aria delivers easy access to ARC’s comprehensive, high-quality data. It allows agencies to reduce data compiling efforts across GDSs and back office systems, enabling better agency-wide financial analysis and organizational performance.

“ARC’s Aria tool allows me to quickly and effectively analyze sales data, including key financial metrics, to better understand the state of our business, spot trends and forecast more efficiently.” – Mark Shapiro, Director of Air & Ancillary Products, CIE Tours

Aria was originally launched in May 2017, and throughout the past year, ARC has worked closely with customers to identify enhancements that increase value. These modifications will help agencies better spot sales trends, identify passenger patterns and pinpoint destinations of interest.

With this latest release, agencies now have access to a form-of-payment dashboard, which allows the user to drill down to any settled transaction and generate a copy in receipt form. This enables the agency to show clients proof of travel with the generation of a receipt or image. Agencies can search by ticket number, the last four credit card digits, passenger name and tour code.

A sales-trends graph is also available to help agencies quickly see when there were spikes or dips in overall sales, and drill down to that particular period.

ARC designed Aria to be affordable for any agency, with pricing solely based on settled transaction volume.

“Aria’s data is accurate and reliable, providing Flight Centre a single source of truth for air data across our 12 brands. The solution has been very beneficial for airline contract and performance analysis, as well as forecasting and budget decisions. Thanks to Aria, airline analyses that used to take us four days a month now only takes us one hour. These time savings alone have made it a worthwhile investment." – Helena Jursca, Flight Centre

To learn more about how Aria can help your agency grow and thrive, click here or schedule a one-on-one demo.