Benchmark Your Air Travel Policy

This year, ARC partnered with the GBTA Foundation to conduct research on corporate air travel program policies. Insights from this research, layered with ARC’s comprehensive air ticketing data, shed light on travel policy guidelines, booking trends and compliance.

These insights include:

  • Fare class: When do policies allow travelers to book business class or premium class? Is basic economy off-limits? Is a particular advance purchase timeframe required?
  • Lowest logical fare: How do travel policies address "lowest logical fare?" Do policies require booking flights a number of days in advance?
  • Add-ons and upgrades: Which ancillary purchases and add-ons do travel policies allow, and which do they prohibit?
  • Industry partnerships: Are negotiated fares with preferred airlines common? What does this look like for corporations with low vs. high travel spend?
  • Compliance: How well are travel policies enforced?
  • TMC Trends: How do TMCs compare to the overall travel market on advance purchase, premium travel, and other factors?
  • Gamification: Do travel programs reward travelers for saving money on air bookings?

To preview these research insights and discover the high-level findings, download the preliminary report.