As the air travel community deals with the turbulent landscape caused by COVID-19, ARC is committed to providing timely information to help our partners and all those involved in the industry make responsible, informed decisions.

The data figures below show the effect COVID-19 has had on airline ticketing by comparing this year’s numbers to 2019. ARC is currently collecting data on YOY changes in tickets issued and variance in tickets sold by segment by US travel agencies and processed through the ARC settlement system, plus the average air ticket price for US domestic round trips.

Please note: Some data may slightly change over time due to variability in transaction and data reporting timing.

*This page will be updated on a weekly basis.

U.S. Travel Agency Seven-Day Air Ticket Volume and Other Variances Ending April 5, 2020

Tickets Issued for All Itineraries

7-Day Period Ending

Ticket Variance vs. Same Week 2019

Sales Variance vs. Same Week 2019

March 15 -45.2% -63.2%
March 22 -80.0% -83.4%
March 29 -88.5% -91.7%
April 5 -92.3% -95.4%
Year-to-Date (YTD) -25.9% -30.5%

Variances in Tickets Sold by Segment for All Itineraries:

7-Day Period Ending



Leisure / Other

March 15 -65.2% -29.4% -49.2%
March 22 -89.5% -77.7% -73.9%
March 29 -94.0% -86.6% -85.9%
April 5 -95.7% -91.4% -90.2%
Year-to-Date (YTD) -27.81% -24.85% -25.34%

Average Air Ticket Price for U.S. Domestic Round Trips:

7-Day Period Ending

Change from prior week

Average Ticket Price

March 15 -16.80% $363
March 22 -7.63% $336
March 29 -11.30% $298
April 5 -0.20% $298
Year-to-Date (YTD) -2.9% (Avg. Weekly Change) $467

Country-Specific Data

ARC is also tracking the impact of COVID-19 on airline ticketing in regions that have been most impacted, including China, Italy, Japan, and South Korea. Data on air tickets sold for domestic, global inbound, and global outbound flights for each of these countries is publicly available. This data is updated weekly.

Interested in a custom report for a specific region or country?

ARC offers a wide range of data products and services to help airlines, travel agencies and other organizations understand the forces impacting the marketplace. ARC can apply the same filters above to data around the globe to help analyze trends and gain more visibility.