ARC Pay allows travel agencies the flexibility to offer multiple payment methods and digital wallet options that travelers expect – and more.   

In this webinar, Director of Product – Payments, Joseph Cavanagh, Product Manager/Product Owner – Payments, Alex Kyle and the Supervisor of ARC Pay, Sharri Simmons, present the value the ARC Pay portfolio brings to the ever-evolving landscape of travel payments.

Watch the full video below or use the links to skip ahead to specific parts of their discussion.

00:58 Joseph starts the webinar with a high-level overview of the ARC Pay platform and highlights ARC Pay GDS, ARC Pay Hub and ARC Pay API.

1:38 The presentation continues with high-level ARC Pay API product features and top roadmap enhancements. Joseph explains the product and functionality in-depth, including Direct API, hosted checkout, session checkout, payment link and mobile SDK (software development kit).

4:56 The slide in this section shows payment links and how they work. See a sample invoice and learn how customers can send and receive invoices and what the hosted checkout looks like.

6:25 This section covers ARC Pay Hub product highlights and top roadmap enhancements. ARC Pay Hub is ARC’s standalone virtual terminal designed for smaller agents or those with sub-agents needing access to payment products without giving them potential access to their GDSs. Agents can access this through the My ARC website directly on the ARC corporate site. ARC Pay Hub provides the opportunity to take advantage of the new $75,000 transaction limit and other features around user access and management.

8:10 Discover ARC Pay GDS product highlights and top roadmap enhancements, including how ARC-accredited individuals can access ARC Pay through their GDS, providing a seamless solution. Watch to learn about transactions made through the GDS that are automatically loaded into the back office and settled directly with ARC, how users can access UATP and take advantage of the new $75,000 transaction limit and more related topics.

9:40 Joseph presents ARC Pay product offerings and highlights key roadmap improvements made possible through our partnerships with Uplift and Grasp Technologies.

10:50 Joseph introduces Alex to discuss the various benefits of using ARC Pay API, Hub and GDS across different agency verticals. Alex points out that while there may be some overlap, TMCs (Travel Management Companies) and other agencies, including VTCs (Verified Travel Consultants), can all benefit from ARC Pay. Find out how agencies of all kinds appreciate ARC Pay for its convenience as a one-stop solution.

16:51 Alex introduces Sharri to cover ARC Pay Operations, including chargeback resolution and recovery, customer service and assisting ARC’s risk management team with potential fraud. She also discusses operational best practices and efficiencies for agents.

12:40 Sharri passes the presentation back to Alex to give a recap of the ARC Pay platform’s operational efficiencies, financial benefits and added-value features for travel agents.

27:35 The presentation concludes with a slide showing contact information for various types and categories of questions. For your convenience, they are also listed below:

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