Investigate critical fraud awareness insights for 2023 and prepare for security challenges in 2024. In this webinar, presented by Cornelius Hattingh, Doug Nass and Ariana Levinson from ARC’s revenue integrity and corporate security teams you will learn practical tips to help protect travel agencies.

Watch the full video below or use the links to skip ahead to specific parts of their discussion.

4:04 Review the top fraud risks in 2023. Topics include unauthorized ticketing, problematic business models and fraudulent credit cards.

11:06 Take a deeper dive into understanding unauthorized ticketing and phishing emails. Learn about the history of the fraud schemes and current challenges, including more than 30 Sabre imposter emails.

15:34 See screenshots of fake IATA and Sabre emails from fraudsters phishing for unauthorized ticketing opportunities. Learn how to spot suspicious emails.

21:52 Discover security practices for agents and agencies to protect you and your business from fraudsters and financial losses.

32:05 Learn the steps you can take if you have been a victim of phishing.

37:30 Understand credit card fraud schemes, including corporate client impostors, and the scenarios ARC is currently dealing with. See more screenshots of emails that will help you identify fraud techniques.

40:53 Gain a better understanding of after-hours fraud schemes.

42:31 Examine doctored credit card images and learn about other fraud tactics.

43:55 Learn how fraudsters target corporate employees and clients by operating within a company’s corporate booking tool.

45:57 Become aware of fraudsters creating fake agencies and how they are promoting themselves on social media.

49:01 Look ahead to 2024 and start preparing for the challenges your business may face in the coming year. Also, learn about noteworthy ARA changes for 2024 and review ARC’s cybersecurity guide.

51:50 Understand ARC’s fraud philosophy.

54:39 See additional resources to protect your business from fraud.

57:03 Audience Q&A

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