The future of air travel distribution is full of possibilities. From ARC’s perspective, an evolved distribution environment creates a personalized shopping experience across all channels, within all contexts — offering the right content to the right traveler at the right time. It’s relationship-driven and leverages the breadth of available and emerging solutions, including New Dis­tribution Capability (NDC).

NDC can create opportunities for richer content exchange and customized offers based on bilateral business agreements between travel agencies and airlines. Regard­less of your organization’s strategy for business partnerships, ARC aims to help your business connect, grow and thrive. If you’re uncertain of where to start with NDC, ARC can help you navigate the evolving distribution landscape.

Successfully implementing NDC requires that both travel agen­cies and airlines closely examine a variety of factors that will impact their businesses. From ticketing to servicing, credit card billing and debit memos, NDC can have a significant impact on industrywide processes.

ARC’s NDC guides are designed to provide a starting point for evaluating how NDC may support your organization’s sales strategy and partnerships. While these are not meant to be an exhaustive checklist, we hope they will prompt meaningful conversations within your organization and with potential implementation partners as you build your future retailing strategy.

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