As the travel industry moves toward recovery, ARC is continually monitoring travel demand and the “green shoots” of growth. In this interview, ARC’s Executive Vice President and COO, Lauri Reishus, shares insights on airline sales trends with Executive Vice President of Customer Success at PredictX, Maria Chevalier.

In this discussion, she shares:

  • Insights from her career in travel

  • How ARC has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • The latest trends in ARC’s airline sales data

  • What ARC’s data shows about emerging traveler purchasing behaviors, such as close-in booking

  • ARC’s resources to help travel agencies navigate and manage airline refund policies

  • Advice for those new to the travel industry

Two video segments of the interview are available below. For the full conversation, listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple or through your web browser.