In the second episode of ARC's NDC Webinar Partner Series, ARC’s  Paige Blunt and  Cassandra Kilcarr  teamed up with  Alexandra Sorrentino and Jay Richmond from  Amadeus  to demonstrate how NDC exchanges, refunds and voids are completed within the Amadeus Travel Platform and how they look in IAR.

Watch the full video below or use the links to skip ahead to specific parts of their discussion.

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2:26 The presentation begins with a review of episode 1.

4:23 Review of the webinar’s agenda.

5:40 Alex walks through end-to-end distribution flow and what to expect in NDC.

9:25 The presenters discuss NDC principles, actors and flow in the U.S. market.

20:47 See a demonstration of how to make a void and hear the presenters answer attendee questions about how to differentiate transactions from GDS to NDC and similar topics.

27:03 The presenters discuss refunds with penalties and continue to answer attendee questions.

37:41 See a demonstration of how to make an exchange with additional collection and penalty.

40:14 Cassie shows an example of an IAR screen and how to add collect exchanges with penalties.

51:58 Alex demonstrates how to make an exchange that has residual value.

56:05 The team reviews helpful website links for ARC Direct Connect and Amadeus resources and continue to answer participants’ questions.

1:02:52 Cassie revisits a popular question about distinguishing between GDS and NDC.

1:06:34 The presenters continued to answer participants’ questions about airlines allowing multiple forms of payment for one ticket, how commissions can be added into the NDC transaction and more.

1:13:49 Cassie takes a tour the ARC Direct Connect webpage to show the airlines connected through ARC's program. The remainder of the webinar addresses attendee questions.

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