For travel agencies, the modern threat landscape is an expansive, dynamic space. This is particularly true for small and midsize agencies that, despite facing similar risks as larger enterprises, often lack the resources needed to effectively and efficiently mitigate them.

Fraud remains one of the most critical risk factors facing travel agencies. According to recent ARC transaction data, more than 52% of fraudulent activity affects small to midsize agencies.

In many instances, identifying whether or not a customer poses a fraud risk remains a manual, time-consuming process driving inexact decision-making. These decisions can prove exceptionally costly both in terms of lost revenue from fraudulent activity and effort associated with recovering it, and also the missed revenue potential from good customers who may have been declined.

In fact, ARC estimates that up to 10% of declined transactions should have been approved. What would your agency do with 10% more revenue?

Introducing ARC Risk Check Powered by Perseuss

To help agencies recognize, prevent and combat fraud, ARC has released ARC Risk Check, a cloud-based tool designed to help small to midsize travel agencies validate customers, reducing the likelihood of working with fraudsters and increasing the likelihood of working with genuine travelers.

Powered by Perseuss, a leading fraud intelligence sharing platform, ARC Risk Check leverages advanced AI to search more than 3.2 billion data elements for fraudulent activity. This intelligence is sourced through a community of merchants and partners from around the world including ARC, financial institutions, other travel agencies and airlines. It puts the shared experience of the whole into the hands of individual travel agents.

With ARC Risk Check, travel agents can easily and efficiently initiate a search of the collective intelligence of Perseuss’ database by simply entering a customer name, phone number, email address or physical address. In return, the agent will receive a Risk Score to help make a data-driven decision to either accept or reject a potential customer.

ARC Risk Check provides small and midsize travel agencies with the same capabilities afforded larger enterprises to mitigate the negative impacts of fraud; generate additional revenue from new, trusted customers; and increase the profitability of their operations.

Getting Started

Travel agencies can register for ARC Risk Check and enhance their fraud mitigation today for as little as $29.99 per month. Additionally, all new registrants can take advantage of a one-week free trial.

Learn More

  1. Visit the ARC Risk Check site.
  2. Establish an account by validating your 8-digit ARC Number.
  3. Start using the service.


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For travel agencies that may need more than 300 checks per month, ARC also offers an API solution. Contact ARC for more details.

"Perseuss was extremely easy to set up as a manual review tool and our analyst team was able to get started using it right away!" – Dan Erickson, Product Operations Manager – Fraud, Hopper