Online travel agencies (OTAs) experience fraud and dispute challenges unique to their industry, resulting in chargeback costs that are not only higher than those of typical merchants, but also costlier and more challenging to dispute. Now, with friendly fraud rates on the rise, the situation is only getting worse.

How can industry collaboration help solve these challenges? By making changes in how and what data is shared – and giving card issuers access to this data – traveler disputes can be resolved before the damaging and costly chargeback stage. Armed with this data either in their call centers or by making it available on demand to cardholders in their mobile banking app, card issuers will be able to provide detailed receipt data to the traveler and prevent the dispute altogether.

In this webinar, Ethoca’s Executive Vice President and Co-Founder Trevor Clarke and ARC’s Jennifer Watkins, director of payments, will discuss the challenges unique to the online travel industry and how collaboration between card issuers and online travel agencies can help the industry tackle this costly and mounting problem.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How are OTAs and airlines collaborating today to solve fraud and dispute challenges?
  • How can the travel industry use collaboration to enhance traveler experience?
  • How can collaboration reduce friendly fraud, false declines and negative traveler experiences?