At the end of September, ARC’s revenue integrity team concluded its second annual ARC Fraud Awareness Month. The month was dedicated to creating awareness of fraud in the travel value chain, with webinars addressing the impact of fraud identification tools (including the launch of ARC Risk Check). Webinars also provided tips and best practices to combat fraud and reduce chargebacks.

The month kicked off with a webinar hosted by ARC’s revenue integrity leadership team, Cornelius Hattingh and Doug Nass, who discussed ARC’s role in combating travel industry fraud. "Safeguarding the Travel Industry: ARC Insights and the Need for Collaboration" illuminated the value ARC brings to the industry and its objectives to further safeguard the distribution value chain through collaboration.

The second webinar of the month was focused on solutions for small to midsize agency and airline partners and how they can combat fraud more effectively. ARC, in collaboration with Perseuss, discussed the many ways fraud can affect a business and introduced the audience to a new tool, ARC Risk Check, powered by Perseuss. The tool is designed for small and midsize agencies and gives users access to global fraud data and insights.

"Trends in Loyalty Fraud – What You Should Know" gave an insightful look into the impact of this type of fraud on the industry and highlighted why organizations should focus on this ever-growing issue.

Yiwei Cai from Momentum Travel and Meegan Rucker from Ekata shared how to leverage third-party tools, AI and machine learning to build an online travel fraud model.

Other notable webinars included “Strategies, Tips and Best Practices for Operationalizing Fraud Mitigation,” wherein ARC’s revenue integrity team joined American Express Global Business Travel and Delta Air Lines to discuss the need for collaboration across the travel value chain. Michael Savicki provided some great insights into what travel management companies (TMCs) can do to provide great service while ensuring fraud mitigation.

Closing the month, ARC featured two highly insightful webinars discussing the impact of fraud in the travel sector and the underground economy driven by the dark web. NCFTA’s Adam Klickovich expanded on “Fraud in the Travel Sector: Insights from Law Enforcement and Cyber Forensics.” Gemini Advisory’s Tony Ashe and Stanislav Alforov closed out the month with their webinar, “Mapping the Underground Economy: The Fellowship of the Card Shops.”

To view ARC’s webinars on fraud, check out the “ARC Prevents Fraud” playlist on YouTube.