Fraud Awareness Month 2022 has concluded. Here is a complete list of this year’s webinar links and recaps: 2022 ARC Fraud Awareness Month Recap (

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Payment fraud continues to be costly for agents and airlines, resulting in millions of dollars in losses each year.

This September, ARC will host its fifth annual Fraud Awareness Month to help the global air travel community combat fraud.

ARC has teamed up with experts from airlines, agencies, payment providers and the private sector to present a series of webinars throughout the month. These experts will provide insights into emerging fraud trends and the actual cost of fraud.

Webinars are presented live in a free online forum, making it easy for teams to participate.

Attendees will learn about the challenges in combating fraud and practical tips and tools to protect your businesses.

Registration is now open, and space is limited, so register today to reserve your spot.

2022 ARC Fraud Awareness Month Webinars

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