During this webinar, you’ll learn how your organization can reduce risk, drive conversion rates and reduce costly chargebacks.

Our team of fraud management professionals will provide an interactive review of the ARC Risk Check solution. You’ll get practical advice and see how artificial intelligence boils down the complex fraud landscape into a risk score that is easy to understand and apply.

ARC Risk Check enables travel professionals to tap into the collective contributions of the worldwide travel community and a global fraud database.

In this session, attendees will see ARC Risk Check in action — a tool that:

  • Gives organizations confidence to accept or reject questionable transactions
  • Helps mitigate fraud by using the combined intelligence of actual travel data, 3.2 billion digital footprints left by fraudsters, and reports shared by travel professionals everywhere
  • Levels the playing field by giving small and midsize airlines and travel agencies access to sophisticated fraud monitoring tools previously only available to large organizations