Sometimes, taking the first step is the hardest part.

Recently, my doctor told me that it was time to eat healthier. In theory, this seems like it should be pretty easy to do: eat vegetables, fruits, healthy proteins and productive carbohydrates (whatever that means). But when I started to do more research, I found that there is an avalanche of information and differing opinions on how to eat healthy. To top that off, what you eat at certain times of the day makes a difference — before exercising, after exercising, in the morning and evening — as well as the amount of food you eat at each of those times.

Who knew that something that seemed so straightforward could feel so overwhelming?

For some people, knowing where to start comes pretty easily, but for others (like me), it can be paralyzing. And that is precisely how many folks feel about changes in airline distribution, especially around New Distribution Capability (NDC). There is certainly no lack of information on NDC. It seems like there may be too much at times, and it can be difficult to parse the facts from speculation or hype. What is it, really? A program? A concept? A revolution? A fad? What does it mean to my organization, my customers and my employees? Will it even impact me or my organization?

And the big question: “Where do I even begin?”

In my experience, the best way of overcoming that initial feeling of overwhelm is to take any first step, even if it’s not perfect. The same goes for NDC. Just making the smallest initial movement creates momentum, which makes the next steps feel less daunting.

Are you feeling a little — or a lot — paralyzed by NDC? If so, ARC has a number of resources to help take that first step, including new “Getting Started with NDC” guides for airlines and agencies. We created these guides to provide a starting point for your organization to evaluate how NDC can support your retailing strategy and partnerships.

My suggestion is to break the concept of NDC down into smaller pieces. Pick one topic and start your journey to understand that one piece of the puzzle first; accumulate information on that topic, meet with experts, read articles, watch videos and put together your own knowledge library. Then, move on to the next topic. Eventually, the picture starts to become clearer. That’s what I’m doing with my healthy eating: I’m starting with just one initial area of focus, which is reducing sugar in my diet.

What’s your first step with NDC? If you’re still not quite sure where to begin, we can help you decide where to start. Reach out to us at for more information.