The first episode of ARC’s TravelConnect Virtual Series kicked off in June with 2020 Outlook: Travel Recovery Trends to Watch. In this episode, data experts shared their insights on the pace and shape of travel industry recovery from COVID-19.

Boston Consulting Group’s Glenn Branscomb; 3Victors’ Rick Seaney; and ARC’s Chuck Thackston and Peter Kane discussed the data within BCG’s Travel Recovery Insights Portal (TRIP). Designed to help the travel industry monitor travel industry recovery, TRIP is a free data tool that provides a wealth of information around air travel search and sales trends, consumer and economic sentiment, government travel regulations and COVID-19 spread.

In this discussion, the group identified the “green shoots” signaling initial recovery, with topics including:

  • Traveler health and safety priorities that would make them more comfortable traveling
  • Consumer spending and lifestyle trends
  • Domestic versus international airline sales trends
  • Search and shopping trends for destinations such as Las Vegas, Orlando and Mallorca
  • An outlook for airline ticket purchases through the end of 2020

To discover some of these data-driven insights, watch the video recording and view the presentation slides.