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Participate in ARC Direct Connect to leverage NDC in your distribution strategy.

As the distribution landscape becomes more customizable, ARC forges connections between airlines and travel agencies, equipping them to do business together in the way they choose.


Flexible distribution solutions

With ARC’s secure, flexible and cost-effective settlement platform, airlines and travel agencies can use New Distribution Capability (NDC) to create efficient partnerships through multiple channels.
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ARC's new settlement features

To support a wide range of Direct Connect implementations, ARC has introduced several new features to its trusted, secure settlement platform:
Flexible credit card billing options
Flexible credit card billing options
Customizable transaction modifications
Customizable transaction modifications
Acceptance of SPRF (ARC) or RET (BSP) file formats
Acceptance of SPRF (ARC) or RET (BSP) file formats
Ability to identify direct connect transactions in IAR and on airline outputs
Ability to identify direct connect transactions in IAR and on airline outputs
Flexible messaging schema options (NDC or proprietary)
Flexible messaging schema options (NDC or proprietary)
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Companies that partner with ARC's Direct Connect Program
Air France
British Airways
Eva Airways
Qatar Airways
"British Airways is excited to be the first test partner for ARC's enhanced settlement functionality, which enables us to evolve our distribution strategy with the travel agency channel. ARC has always been a trusted partner to British Airways, and we have valued their flexibility, responsiveness and collaboration during this testing process. These enhancements will aid us in developing our relationships with agencies, and they set the stage for our growing distribution stratetgy in the U.S."
Simon Brooks
Senior Vice President, Sales for North America
British Airways
"ARC has partnered closely with United on several of our omnichannel retailing initiatives, including NDC. This implementation provides us with a strong foundation for managing NDC transactions with travel agencies and travel management companies. By leveraging NDC, United is equipped to distribute richer content to travelers through our travel agency partners, with more flexible payment and settlement options."
Tye Radcliffe
Director of Distribution
United Airlines
"Iberia and ARC have worked closely together to enable NDC settlement in preparation for renewed and accelerated travel demand from the U.S., Puerto Rico and Spain. ARC´s omnichannel strategy is a win-win for all. It allows agents to remit in the method of their choosing, with all the benefits that Interactive Agent Reporting provides, and to retain all NDC efficiencies, fare guarantees, and no fare-related agency debit memos. We are thrilled to bring NDC to our customers."
Celia Muñoz Espín
Sales Strategy and EME, USA and Asia Sales Director
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