Become an ARC Airline


Become an ARC Airline


Participation Requirements

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Carrier Certification

Your airline must have an Airline Operating Certificate issued by your government’s transportation authority for scheduled passenger service.

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U.S. Jurisdiction

Your airline must have a U.S. office, an appointed representative or a registered agent for the purpose of legal jurisdiction within the US.

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Cash Reserve Requirement (CRR)

Your airline must meet and maintain ARC’s CRR, which is based on individual cash sales amounts.


Join Today

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  • Submit your completed joining documents.

  • Provide all supporting documents with the application.
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Next Steps
  • Work with ARC to ensure all systems, files and tools are in place for ARC activation.

  • Identify and confirm activation data with ARC.

Join Your Peers

Interested in seeing which other airlines are using ARC to access 13,000 points of sale? More than 200 participating airlines currently participate with ARC to connect to the largest travel agency market in the world.

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