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Let ARC’s $86 Billion Market Improve Your Bottom Line

Why Join ARC?

More Than 13,000 Reasons to Join

Fast & Direct

ARC offers the fastest settlement in the world, along with direct cash settlement into your airline’s bank account.

Participation Levels

ARC offers flexible, cost-effective pricing based on your carrier’s transaction volume to ensure the best settlement services and pricing possible.

Data Security

Carriers rely on ARC's Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification to store and maintain the integrity of passenger ticketing data.

Business Intelligence

ARC offers global, comprehensive and affordable marketing and business intelligence data to help carriers make important strategic decisions.

Rich Market Opportunity

ARC settles an average of $86 billion in ticketing transactions annually.

Critical Access

ARC carriers have access to lucrative distribution channels from the U.S. market, including 13,000 points of sale.

High-Volume Sales

ARC offers access to high-yield travel management companies and high-volume online travel agency sales.

Carrier Branding

ARC enables individual carrier branding and visibility to all points of sale.


ARC Helps Carriers From Around the Globe

Carriers that meet the following primary joining requirements may become an ARC Participating Carrier:

  • Carrier Certification

    • Airlines that have an Airline Operating Certificate (AOC) issued by your government’s official transportation authority to provide scheduled passenger service
    • U.S. Public Charters that are certified under U.S. DOT Part 380 to provide Public Charter Service
    • Railroads that have certification issued by your government’s official transportation authority to provide scheduled railroad service
  • U.S. Jurisdiction – carriers that have a U.S. office, an appointed representative or a registered agent for the purpose of legal jurisdiction within the United States
  • Cash Reserve Requirement (CRR) – carriers must meet and maintain ARC’s CRR, which is based on individual cash sales amounts

Setting You Up for Success

When your carrier joins ARC, you will have access to services, tools and support to be successful. This includes daily ticket transaction processing, online weekly sales reports and fraud prevention services.

How To Join

Joining ARC Is Fast and Easy

1. Request Documents
  • Review the Carrier Services Agreement and Application Kit
2. Submit Documents
  • Submit completed joining documents
  • Provide all supporting documents with the application
3. ARC Activation
  • Work with ARC to ensure all systems, files and tools are in place for ARC activation
  • Identify and confirm activation data with ARC

Participating Carriers

Over 200 ARC Participating Carriers

ARC's participating Carriers represent the premier providers of air and rail travel services worldwide.

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