Airline Participation Details

Airline Participation

Joining ARC Provides the Settlement Services You Need

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  • Daily processing of ticketing transactions:

    • Sales
    • Exchanges
    • Refunds
    • Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMDs)
    • Memos (debit and credit)
    • Agency Adjustments (ADJ)
  • Credit Card Transactions – Daily output of credit card transactions to your designated credit card provider
  • Weekly Cash Disbursement – Weekly wire transfer to your designated bank account for payment of cash transactions (additional $15 charge for international)
  • CAT File – Preparation and electronic transmission of the Carrier Accounting Transmission (CAT) file for revenue accounting purposes
  • ECCB File – Preparation and electronic transmission of the Electronic Credit Card Billing (ECCB) file used for credit card reconciliation purposes
  • Agent List File – A one-time download of the Agency List File, which is a listing of all ARC Agencies
  • Fraud Prevention Services – Support of ARC's dedicated fraud prevention staff
  • Account Manager – Each ARC airline is supported by a dedicated Account Manager to address all questions and concerns
  • Access to My ARC – My ARC is the point of access to many important online tools:
    • Online Carrier Reports – Provides details of weekly reports, disbursements, ARC fees and more
    • Carrier Dashboard – Provides agency manager and ownership information
    • CTAC – Ability to revoke and reinstate agency ticketing authority within 24 hours through ARC's Carrier Ticketing Authority Center (CTAC)
    • Document Retrieval Service (DRS) Access – Tools to view an image of every ARC transaction processed
    • Training – ARC offers various training opportunities, including webinars, tutorials and conference calls