Implement NDC with ARC

Implement NDC with ARC

With ARC’s secure, flexible and cost-effective settlement platform, airlines and travel agencies can create customized, effectively managed partnerships that leverage New Distribution Capability (NDC).

ARC Enables Customized Partnerships

As the distribution landscape becomes more customizable, ARC forges connections between airlines and travel agencies, equipping them to do business together in the way they choose.



We asked British Airways about their vision for NDC in the U.S. agency market, as well as their experience partnering with ARC.

ARC is committed to creating a flexible environment enabling industry partners to efficiently do business together. We’re proud to join NDC Exchange.

Chief Executive Officer Mike Premo shares his insights on airline distribution and NDC.

ARC, in partnership with British Airways, has successfully tested and implemented enhancements to its settlement platform.

Flexible Distribution Solutions

ARC supports the full spectrum of airline distribution models in the travel agency channel by providing flexible transaction processing, workflows, billing and settlement, and outputs.

NDC Resources

With NDC, airlines and travel agencies can deliver richer, more customized experiences to the traveler. Learn more about the benefits of working with ARC to implement your NDC strategy.

British Airways is excited to be the first test partner for ARC's enhanced settlement functionality, which enables us to evolve our distribution strategy with the travel agency channel. ARC has always been a trusted partner to British Airways, and we have valued their flexibility, responsiveness and collaboration during this testing process. These enhancements will aid us in developing our relationships with agencies, and they set the stage for our growing distribution strategy in the U.S.

ARC’s New Settlement Features

To support a wide range of NDC implementations, ARC has introduced several new features to its trusted, secure settlement platform:

  • Option to use neutral (ARC) or airline ticket stock
  • Acceptance of RET (BSP) or SPRF (ARC) file formats
  • Flexible credit card billing options
  • Ability to prevent modifications or manual transaction updates
  • Identification of NDC transactions in ARC’s agency sales tool, Interactive Agency Reporting (IAR)

Get Started with ARC

Whether your airline chooses to connect to the agency distribution channel through a GDS, a direct connection, an aggregator or a combination of these models, ARC is here to support your unique distribution strategy.

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