Implement NDC with ARC

Implement NDC with ARC

With ARC’s secure, flexible and cost-effective settlement platform, airlines and travel agencies can create customized, effectively managed partnerships that leverage New Distribution Capability (NDC).

ARC Enables Customized Partnerships

As the distribution landscape becomes more customizable, ARC forges connections between airlines and travel agencies, equipping them to do business together in the way they choose.


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Kyle Mabry and Neil Geurin of American Airlines talk about recovery and the latest developments with distribution at the airline.

Dave Harvey of Southwest Business talks distribution and Southwest’s goals to better serve corporate clients and travelers in 2021 and beyond.

Mike Premo sits down with GBTA Interim Executive Director Dave Hilfman to discuss their career journeys. They discuss challenges, changing industry perceptions and advice for those in air travel.

To close out the year, ARC’s departing CEO, Mike Premo, and incoming CEO, Lauri Reishus, share their reflections on a tumultuous year for travel, as well as their outlook for 2021.

ARC sponsored the newly published Skift trend report, Five Trends That Will Transform Corporate Air Travel Retailing in 2021.

Two of ARC’s omnichannel experts, Shelly Younger and Sarah Boyd, explain what omnichannel retailing is, as well as the legacy problems it can solve.

ARC’s Director of Revenue Integrity, Cornelius Hattingh, and Manager of Fraud Investigations, Doug Nass, discuss some of the key themes that appeared across ARC Fraud Awareness Month 2020.

ARC hosts a panel of business travel experts to discuss trends they’ve seen dealing with COVID-19 and the future of the travel industry as recovery continues.

In this interview, ARC’s Executive Vice President and COO shares insights on airline sales and data trends with PredictX.

To help travel professionals navigate the challenges of COVID-19, ARC’s Shelly Younger and Paige Blunt are sharing resources and insights on what’s happening in the global travel community.

ARC’s Paige Blunt identifies key ways for travel brands to start managing IROPs and schedule changes more easily.

With the high volume of exchanges and refunds resulting from COVID-19, ARC is helping its customers operate with greater speed and efficiency.

ARC builds relationships with TMCs, corporate travel programs and airlines to create more seamless travel experiences across every sales channel.

View highlights and key takeaways from the 2020 ARC Payments Forum, which included COVID-19 updates from credit card brands and ARC.

These new guidelines from ARC’s Debit Memo Working Group aim to help airlines, travel agencies and GDSs manage airline schedule changes more effectively.

ARC is providing resources to help its customers contend with the challenges surrounding COVID-19.

ARC is giving travel professionals free use of its global fraud-mitigation tool, ARC Risk Check, for two months.

ARC is taking several actions to help agencies more easily manage debit memos and chargebacks through this challenging period.

From travel trends to blockchain implementation, ARC addressed timely air travel topics impacting the industry in 2019. Check out some of our most engaging blog content from the previous year.

This agreement is a continuation of the existing relationship between the two organizations and will further implementation of the industry’s evolving airline retailing technology standards — including New Distribution Capability (NDC).

A major topic of discussion in the travel industry, REAL ID is scheduled to take
effect later this year. Here's what travel agents and travelers should know
about the October 1 deadline.

ARC has acquired a majority interest in nuTravel, a company that builds custom and integrated booking, loyalty management and e-commerce platforms for the global airline industry.

Why should business travelers have to make a tradeoff between status and service, depending on where they buy? What if they could have both?

Here are some areas you should examine to ensure your agency is well-equipped to prevent fraud, both for the holiday season and for the new year.

“ARC’s President and CEO, Mike Premo, announced last week that he will retire from ARC on December 31, 2020. ARC’s EVP and COO, Lauri Reishus, will be his successor.”

On November 19, ARC announced that it had taken an equity position in Traxo, a company that helps corporate travel managers more effectively manage travelers’ direct bookings.

There are many elements to consider when starting a travel agency — but one of the most important is ARC accreditation. Before applying to become an ARC-accredited agency, here are four things new agents should know.

View highlights and webinar recordings from ARC's second annual Fraud Awareness Month. Speakers provided tips and best practices for combating fraud and chargebacks.

ARC is proud to partner with Southwest Airlines to expand its corporate travel distribution strategy.

Earlier this summer, ARC and Sabre announced the signing of a forward-looking cooperative agreement to ensure travel agencies can easily align with future airline distribution strategies.

ARC is investing in the expansion of travel agency payment processing. Travel Agency Service Fee (TASF) and Agent’s Choice are now part of a single platform: ARC Pay.

Don’t let fraud endanger your business. Combat fraud with ARC’s free fraud awareness webinars throughout the month of September.

Card-not-present (CNP) fraud continues to be one of the greatest payment challenges facing travel agencies.

Check out this year’s program, which features a stellar lineup of travel industry leaders who will share their expertise in keynotes, panels and a new series of quick, energized sessions: Trip Talks.

ARC's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Lauri Reishus, shares ARC's vision for a more consistent, omni-channel experience for corporate travelers.

There is no shortage of information about NDC, yet many find themselves wondering, "Where do I begin?" In this post, ARC's Shelly Younger answers that question.

How is new distribution capability (NDC) impacting corporate travel today? This research explores NDC adoption, engagement and sentiment among some of the world's leading TMCs.

As travel retailing continues to evolve, the payment landscape is quickly advancing. The ARC Payments Forum brings together top payment experts to address important trends.

ARC's NDC guides include several considerations for airlines and travel agencies as they build their NDC retailing strategies.

In collaboration with Phocuswright, this white paper explores the state of air travel distribution via the travel agency channel and identifies opportunities for airlines to further enhance their relationships with this community.

ARC's Chief Executive Officer, Mike Premo, shares his perspective on ARC's investment in blockchain developer Blockskye.

How could blockchain impact travel? This presentation explores how various facets of blockchain technology can accelerate growth in the air travel industry.

We are excited to announce that, in December 2018, ARC successfully began settling NDC-based ticket sales and refunds leveraging its enhanced settlement platform.

The successful proof of concept examined the viability of using blockchain technology for reporting and settlement.

How can you build a reliable, comprehensive blueprint for a future you can’t fully see? Here are a few keys to managing product design in a changing environment.

Technology, service, content, data and automation are all key areas of focus for travel management companies (TMCs). But how are TMCs prioritizing their investments in each of those areas?

ARC is proud to sponsor research for BTN’s Distribution Issue, which highlights industry advancements in air travel distribution for corporate travel.

As payment card companies evolve to meet the changing needs of the travel industry, procedures around card acceptance, fraud management tools, and chargeback guidelines also change.

The air travel industry faces a unique set of e-commerce fraud challenges, including — but not limited to — last-minute bookings, tight margins, high false decline rates and a high-value, time-sensitive product that’s nearly impossible to recover.

ARC Fraud Awareness Month features a series of dynamic webinars on fraud prevention, with presenters from law enforcement, the private sector and ARC.

Discover insights on travel policy guidelines, booking trends and compliance from ARC's research partnership with the GBTA Foundation.

ARC is pleased to announce that it is now offering airlines the ability to accept Alipay as a form of payment for tickets sold through the travel agency channel.

At the fourth annual ARC Payments Forum, experts from across the travel payment landscape met to discuss the latest trends and developments that are shaping the future of the industry.

ARC is dedicated to forging connections between airlines and agencies, equipping them to do business together in a changing distribution landscape.

During this webinar, ARC’s industry relationship manager and ONE Order expert provided a deep dive into the potential opportunities for ONE Order.

Learn how ARC took the first step to enabling large-scale NDC implementations between airlines and U.S. travel agencies.

In a rapidly evolving airline distribution landscape, one size no longer fits all. ARC is transforming to support these shifting dynamics.

We asked British Airways about their vision for NDC in the U.S. agency market, as well as their experience partnering with ARC.

The ARC Pay product is more versatile than you might expect.

ARC is committed to creating a flexible environment enabling industry partners to efficiently do business together. We’re proud to join NDC Exchange.

Chief Executive Officer Mike Premo shares his insights on airline distribution and NDC.

ARC, in partnership with British Airways, has successfully tested and implemented enhancements to its settlement platform.

By using the six customizable flex fields provided in ARC’s Memo Manager, travel agencies can better manage their debit memo processing, reconciliation and reporting.

The 2018 Air Travel Outlook Report, "Unlocking How to Save Money on Flights," leverages ARC data to identify key pricing trends and top destinations.

With more than 400 attendees representing over 162 companies, ARC TravelConnect 2017 was ARC's largest and most expansive event to date.

ARC has launched a new version of Memo Manager with enhanced debit memo reason mapping for 23 airlines.

ARC participated in an international operation with dozens of airlines, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, Perseuss, IATA and European OTAs to disrupt fraud.

See how ARC is taking action to facilitate meaningful industry conversations and conduct timely research on emerging distribution strategies.

Your agency’s systems — and, in particular, your GDS logins and access points — can be a target for fraudsters who want to issue tickets for their own customers.

A new report from ARC, American Express Global Business Travel and tClara explores the hidden expenses of a cost-focused travel program.

In this 2017 air travel outlook report by Expedia, ARC data informs major trends in global business and consumer air travel.

Average ticket prices continue to trend downward in 2016. Since 2014, there have been noticeable changes in the variance paid.

This report from ARC, American Express Global Business Travel and tClara™ examines the intangible costs of traveler friction on U.S. road warriors.

Flexible Distribution Solutions

ARC supports the full spectrum of airline distribution models in the travel agency channel by providing flexible transaction processing, workflows, billing and settlement, and outputs.

Flexible Distribution Solutions

NDC Resources

With NDC, airlines and travel agencies can deliver richer, more customized experiences to the traveler. Learn more about the benefits of working with ARC to implement your NDC strategy.

British Airways is excited to be the first test partner for ARC's enhanced settlement functionality, which enables us to evolve our distribution strategy with the travel agency channel. ARC has always been a trusted partner to British Airways, and we have valued their flexibility, responsiveness and collaboration during this testing process. These enhancements will aid us in developing our relationships with agencies, and they set the stage for our growing distribution strategy in the U.S.

ARC’s New Settlement Features

To support a wide range of NDC implementations, ARC has introduced several new features to its trusted, secure settlement platform:

  • Option to use neutral (ARC) or airline ticket stock
  • Acceptance of RET (BSP) or SPRF (ARC) file formats
  • Flexible credit card billing options
  • Ability to prevent modifications or manual transaction updates
  • Identification of NDC transactions in ARC’s agency sales tool, Interactive Agency Reporting (IAR)

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Whether your airline chooses to connect to the agency distribution channel through a GDS, a direct connection, an aggregator or a combination of these models, ARC is here to support your unique distribution strategy.

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