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Other Data Users

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Refine your business strategy with the world's largest and most valuable source of air travel ticketing data.
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Aviation Development
  • Leakage and diversion analysis
  • Supplier development and route expansion
  • Traveler demographic and purchase trend analysis
Destination Marketing
  • Travel agency partnership growth
  • Destination performance measurement and benchmarking
  • Marketing, sales and incentive strategies
Comprehensive Data
Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Purchase trend analysis
  • Market performance analysis
  • Airline coverage and trends
  • Travel agency partnership growth
  • Seasonality and travel trend analysis
  • Marketing, sales and incentive strategies

Our academic research program has dramatically benefited by relying on ARC’s comprehensive ticketing data. We trust ARC’s expertise and quality of data to ensure our research projects are successful. We are very grateful for the support of ARC’s data team in advancing our travel behavior analysis research.

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Leverage the intelligence behind air travel with ARC's air travel data. Use ARC's data to uncover actionable insights into broad travel trends and distinct transaction details.


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ARC Products for Industry Analysis

ARC Travel Demand provides a holistic view of global airline ticket sales, with visibility into the current industry environment and understanding of future travel demand.

Solving the most complex business challenges using ARC's machine learning techniques and technology provides innovative analytical travel-related data.

ARC’s Market Locator tool provides airport professionals insight into U.S. air travel purchases and passenger behavior to identify opportunities.

ARC provides settled airline ticket data for effective benchmarking, performance validation and identifying opportunities in an evolving market.

ARC’s AeroGram email delivery service gets your important news and information to ARC’s extensive network of travel agents.

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