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Brands that Trust Direct Data Solutions

"After the merger between U.S. Airways and American Airlines, ARC’s Direct Data Solutions tool gave us a quick and easy way of getting all of our ticketing data merged and available for access, so we didn’t experience any internal delays. Since then, we have transitioned the majority of our existing reports to this product, and along the way, we have found other uses for it, including measuring our basic and premium economy performance, observing channel distribution and doing simple ticket research. There is always room for improvement, such as getting remaining airlines to join the product, but I can say with absolute certainty that Direct Data Solutions is the most comprehensive industry data source available today."

“Every single week, China Eastern Airlines uses Direct Data Solutions to enhance our ticketing insight. The comprehensive global data provided helps us create detailed reports to analyze the market situation, down to the travel agency level, which has been very beneficial to our airline.”