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Brands that Trust Memo Analyzer for Agencies

"With Memo Analyzer, we get a bird's-eye view of all of our memos to understand their root causes and identify the ones making the most impact on Travel Leaders Group. Also, another extremely helpful aspect of the products is that we have the ability to benchmark ourselves within the industry to get an idea of how we're doing when managing memos."

"Memo Analyzer provides Delta Vacations with the key metrics and performance benchmarks we need to report on debit memo status to management. Monthly reporting that used to be completely manual now takes less than two hours. The tool makes it easy to spot trends and red flags, so we can put in place new processes and take corrective action, including agent training and procedure changes. Since having Memo Analyzer, we have seen debit memos drop drastically, with total debit memo amount down more than 50 percent year over year."