ARC DataXpert Market Intelligence (ADXMI)

ARC’s DataXpert Market Intelligence (ADXMI) tool provides airlines with insight into U.S. travel agency point of sale activity, with segment-level analysis of passenger itineraries.

Actionable Data to Maximize Booking Potential

Updated Weekly

Access historical ticketing data as far back as January 2008 as well as tickets not yet flown.


Monitor your competitors’ indirect channel performance on particular routes and markets.

Data Filters

Query data by ticket issue or departure date and filter by airport, airline, region and more.

Agency Groupings

Create custom agency groupings by region, city or zip code based on your market needs.


Maximize Agency Partnerships

View data at the agency level to monitor sales and manage incentive contracts more effectively. Determine which agencies are selling your carrier—or could be selling more on your carrier—and come to partner meetings better prepared.


Optimize Route Planning

Using detailed, transaction data along with segment-level details, identify your competitors’ actions along your routes, including average fares in a specific market or class of service. Determine which of your routes are underperforming, in order to better optimize passenger flow.


Access to recent data is critical when tracking sales, measuring agency performance and creating incentive plans, and ARC gives us the access we need with ADXMI. At Azul, we use ADXMI for everything from tracking performance to identifying new markets to pricing routes. Our sales visits are now more accurate using ticketed, actual numbers instead of speculation. Plus, we can run a query in a matter of minutes, instead of spending hours running reports. Without ADXMI, I’m blind. Every airline should be using this tool.


Improve Channel Measurement

Better visualize market presence by agency grouping, such as OTAs, corporate travel agencies or all agencies in a particular state or region, and with respect to individual airport pairs, for a more comprehensive view of channel sales and demand.


Target Marketing Efforts

Access to sales data by month, quarter and year allows you to make confident decisions about where to focus time and dollars, resulting in improved marketing performance.


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