Agency BI

Agency BI

ARC Agency BI provides the actionable business intelligence that agencies need to evaluate performance, manage operations better, perform benchmarking comparisons and prepare for airline negotiations.

Gain Insights with Comprehensive Data

Weekly Updates​
Broader Data Range

Analyze current year and two full years of historical data plus all future departures.

Peer Benchmarking​
More Detailed Data

Make decisions with more confidence based on more extensive data.

Cabin Class Mapping​
Peer Benchmarking

Compare your performance against your industry peers.

Intuitive Dashboards​
Easy Reporting and Collaboration

Share information easily and provide insights to colleagues.

The Agency BI tool pays for itself. I am now ultra-prepared before airline reviews. With the tool and underlying data coming from ARC, airlines trust the numbers presented. It makes for a much more productive meeting for both parties, and conversations aren’t as one-sided.

Case Study

Optimize Revenue Performance

​Powerful analytics, combined with targeted peer benchmarks, offer easy analysis of business strategies and recognition of trends to maximize goals.​


Enhance Performance Measurement

Increased visibility of sales trends over time, benchmarked against peers or industry, helps you better understand and manage performance.

Enhance Performance Measurement

Strengthen Airline Relationships

​Timely access to trustworthy and critical data empowers you to proactively prepare for and communicate your agency’s value during supplier conversations.​

Strengthen Carrier Relationships

For the value Agency BI has provided, it is really pennies on the dollar. The cost pales in comparison to the opportunities we have found. It has opened doors left and right for us and helped to solidify relationships. It has helped immensely to accelerate both internal and external business objectives.

Case Study

Improve Program Efficiencies

​An aggregated view of ticketing activity reduces your effort spent on compiling and analyzing data, allowing more time to focus on identifying insights and areas for program improvement.​

Improve Program Efficiencies

Agency BI “How-To” Videos

Each how-to video is less than a minute and shows you how easy it is to make the most of Agency BI data.

With several different back-office systems, it previously took a while to do the type of analysis that Agency BI can do in minutes. This alone has allowed the tool to pay for itself.

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