Airline BI

Airline BI

ARC's Airline Business Intelligence (BI) tool provides airlines with detailed U.S. travel agency point-of-sale data to quickly measure sales performance, understand market share and identify market potential.

Intelligence to Manage your Agency Sales

Complete Dataset

Access the current year and previous two years of data, plus all future data to the end of the GDS schedule.

Saving Capabilities

Once custom reports are created within the tool, save these views for easy access to update and run reports in just a few clicks.

Intuitive Dashboards

View data by date of issue or date of departure, analyze through interactive graphs and export data for reporting.

Analysis Options

Flexibility to view ticketing, marketing and operating airline data on the daily, weekly and monthly level.


Strengthen Agency Business

View data at the agency level to monitor sales on O&Ds and communicate more effectively with accounts on performance, contract expectations and new areas for partnership growth. Keep portfolios up to data with the tool’s agency contact information.

It’s really valuable whenever you’re trying to launch new routes to really make sure you have a finger on the pulse of how things are trending. Airline BI has helped us with speed to market in introducing new initiatives and tactics.

Case Study

Improve Performance Measurement

Visibility of sales and agency helps airlines understand performance and recognize market trends to maximize goals. Create customized sales territories within the tool for quick and easy analysis.

Improve Performance Measurement

We use Airline BI to examine La Compagnie’s market share on the routes we service. Having an aggregated view of how agencies are performing reduces time on our end spent compiling sales data and offers us a benchmark of how we compare against the market. As a small airline, the tool is truly invaluable in helping us achieve our sales goals.

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Increase Data Efficiencies

A visual, aggregated view of agency sales information reduces time spent on compiling and analyzing data and offers airlines the ability to customize data the way they need it.

Increase Efficiencies

Optimize Competitive Advantage

View market share and other metrics at the individual airline level as well as by customized peer group. Filter competitive data by O&D and by agency to compare performance on routes with partners and identify opportunities.

Optimize Your Earning Potential

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