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Providing airlines with a better understanding of their corporate customers’ travel spend, allowing for more in-depth analysis, and empowering them to optimize their contracts.


Strengthen Your Corporate Business

ARC Data Connect is designed to enable more effective relationships between airlines, and their corporate customers by aggregating data, delivering corporate insights and streamlining key business processes. This provides the airlines the ability to better understand their actual market share for corporate customers by market.
As an omnichannel solution, ARC Data Connect empowers airlines with the ability to view and analyze their corporate customers’ purchases across all available sales channels.
85% Faster
Receive the data weekly vs. waiting 45 days for an 85% increase in delivery speed. By saving precious time, it enables airlines to spend maximum time creating offers on desired routes and improving utilization on contact spend vs. compiling and organizing data. This changes the relationship between airline and the TMC/corporation—instead of an historical review, it allows for better understanding whether they’re achieving their goals/sales targets and act accordingly if they’re falling short.
6x Delivery Options
More delivery options due to ARC’s flexible and modern technology including API, Snowflake date share, Excel, SFTP, and more. Data can be integrated into the airlines data warehouse for more holistic corporate customer analysis – resulting in better sales performance.
85% Faster
All corporate data is cleansed, going through extensive checks before arriving to the airlines. It ensures that top quality, holistic data, is able to be displayed. Using ARC’s proprietary logic, you have the ability to view competitor data and other airlines at an aggregate level for their corporate sales.

A Single, Simplified Solution

By aggregating data from a corporate travel program’s TMC and airline direct bookings, ARC gathers the transactions (regardless of booking channel), validates, and displays for all three stakeholders – airline, corporate travel programs, and TMC’s. What once required manual processes and custom-built applications, is now a streamlined omnichannel solution with less process friction that drives efficiencies by moving away from costly and time-consuming data gathering processes; allowing stakeholders to focus on their corporate travel program performance.
"We are excited to partner with ARC as a new data source to help better manage our customer relationships. ARC’s complete data gives us a 360-degree view of our customers’ performance and the ability to action these insights more effectively. Integrating this data source will help United with improved decision making and performance analysis"
Anthony Toth
Managing Director, Digital Sales
United Airlines
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ARC manages the world's most comprehensive air transaction data. ARC's data is derived from ticketed transactions, reflecting both historical and advance travel purchases.
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ARC's data delivers actionable insights into broad trends and distinct details.
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