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ARC Pay offers effective and efficient options to process credit card transactions for all travel-related products and services.


Trusted by travel professionals for more than 25 years

At ARC, travel is our business. ARC Pay started as a way to add service fees to transactions and grew to help agencies process charges for air travel and group charges – any travel-related payments an agency may need to process. We understand the nuances of the industry, including what many payment processors see as risks.

All major credit cards accepted

All ARC Pay solutions accept and are fully supported by the major credit card brands, giving you less worry about approved payment methods.

Simple, transparent pricing

ARC Pay has a fixed fee of 3.5% for all cards including UATP. There are no additional service or per transaction fees and no downgrade costs.
Fixed processing fee* * $0.70 minimum
Monthly subscription** **Charge only applies when ARC Pay is used.
Enterprise pricing
If your business does more than $5M in annual credit card sales, talk to us about special rates and other ways we can save you money.

Spend less time entering data

Save time and reduce errors when issuing ARC Pay transactions via your GDS. ARC Pay automatically pulls in ticket reservation data so you'll never have to re-enter passenger information or credit card information.
Simplify the business side of your travel business
ARC Pay Systems Integration
Systems integration
ARC Pay transactions feed directly into your back-office systems and streamlines reconciliation and reporting.
ARC Pay IAR Consolidation
IAR consolidation
Along with air ticketing, ARC Pay transactions are consolidated within the ARC settlement environment.
Single-merchant management
Single-merchant management
Using ARC Pay eliminates the need to manage multiple credit card merchant accounts.

Three convenient options to best fit the way you work


Easy, convenient payment processing

Issuing ARC Pay credit card payments via any GDS automatically pulls in ticket reservation data. You never have to re-enter passenger information or credit card numbers.

You process ARC Pay transactions as if you’re booking an airline ticket — using the ARC airline code “890”. This function is native within each of the main GDS providers — Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport (Apollo and Worldspan).

ARC Pay Agreement
ARC Pay Hub

Payment processing for VTCs

ARC Pay Hub is an easy-to-use, web-based credit card processing tool for all travel-related credit card transactions. It’s ideal for smaller agencies or Verified Travel Consultants (VTCs) that need a simple payment workflow where GDS access or API integration is not available.

ARC Pay Hub functions as a browser-based “virtual terminal” accessed via My ARC. It allows agencies to process transactions and view reports in a single place. Users can process transactions up to $10,000 that are settled via the normal ARC process and available through IAR on a daily basis.

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Seamless payment acceptance

ARC Pay API will enable all popular payment methods and give your customers a smooth, one-click payment experience. It will also help agencies shore up PCI compliance when capturing credit card information within their booking tools or company websites.

We are creating a new API that includes two hosted payment forms. The Checkout version will provide a full payment workflow in a lightbox environment for a simplified user experience. The Session version will give users more flexibility by embedding sensitive payment data within the checkout flow.

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Customer service

Responsive customer service

Your questions are quickly answered by an easy-to-reach customer service team that understands the needs of travel professionals, including chargeback-related issues

Contact ARC’s Customer Care Center
Get started

Get started

The ARC Pay onboarding process parallels your accreditation. Once accredited, agencies have access to the ARC Pay platform. An ARC Pay agreement is required.

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Instructions for ARC Pay Transactions
Product Sheet
Product Sheet
For more information, download the ARC Pay product sheet.
This is the document referenced in the ARA and VTC agreements.
ARC Pay Savings Calculator
Try the ARC Pay Savings Calculator to see how much time and money you might save with ARC Pay.
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