ARC Pay's credit card processing service provides ARC-accredited travel professionals with a simple and efficient way to process credit card payments for any travel-related good or service.

Convenient Payment Processing

Convenient and Flexible

In GDSs, passenger information and credit card numbers do not have to be re-entered for processing. Information is automatically pulled from ticket reservations. Even better, all travel-related charges can be processed, not just service fees.

High Transaction Limits​​

Charge up to $10,000 per transaction with no additional financial collateral or bond required. There are no hold-backs while waiting for transaction verifications.

Back Office Integration

ARC Pay transactions feed directly into back-office accounting systems for streamlined reconciliation and reporting.

All Major Cards Accepted

Using one processor for all major credit cards, including UATP, eliminates the need to manage multiple merchant accounts. Plus, you can process card payments for all travel-related goods and services in one place.


Trusted by Travel Professionals

ARC has helped the travel industry connect, grow and thrive for more than 50 years. We understand the nuances of the industry and how to provide the tools that travel professionals need to be successful.


Spend Less Time on Data Entry

Issuing ARC Pay credit card payments via any GDS automatically pulls in ticket reservation data, so you never have to re-enter passenger information or credit card numbers, freeing up more time to do what you love – plan travel.​


Simple Pricing

ARC Pay has a fixed fee of 3.5%, with a $0.70 minimum. Rates are the same, regardless of the card being used. You have full transparency into costs.

For complete pricing details, please see the ARC Pay Agreement.


A Responsive Customer Service Team

Your questions are quickly answered by an easy-to-reach customer service team that understands the needs of travel professionals.

ARC Pay Hub

Alternative to Using a GDS

ARC Pay Hub is an easy-to-use online tool for processing travel-related credit card transactions through ARC as an alternative or additional method to using a GDS.

Legal Resources

ARC Pay Agreement and Instructions

For your reference, download the ARC Pay Agreement and Instructions for ARC Pay.

Chargeback Best Practices

Chargebacks continue to be a challenge for the travel agency community, particularly because of the nature of card-not-present transactions for travel purchases. ARC recommends the following best practices to travel agencies in an effort to reduce and mitigate chargebacks.

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