What makes ARC Pay unique


What makes ARC Pay unique

ARC Pay transactions settle directly via ARC reporting and combines airline bookings, all travel-related charges and fees. ARC Pay is an exclusive benefit of ARC accredited agencies.

ARC Pay allows travel agencies to work more efficiently, removing operational concerns that can interfere with good customer service. ARC Pay drives financial benefits right to your bottom line and provides business benefits that make your agency more competitive.

Financial and Business Benefits

  • Straightforward, competitive pricing

  • ARC has been a trusted transaction partner for decades

  • Easily void transactions that other processors make you refund and pay for, eliminating unnecessary work and expense

  • ARC chargeback monitoring program

Other processors:

  • May consider travel transactions high risk and not accept travel agencies or force agencies to pay higher-than-advertised rates

  • Hold funds for extended periods

  • Demand unreasonably high reserves

Consolidated and Competitive Rates

  • No additional gateway or merchant account fees

  • $15/month service fee only applies when you use ARC Pay

  • Limited personal guarantees or bank reserves

  • Low reserve thresholds

  • Flat chargeback fee

Prepare for the future

If you’re already taking advantage of ARC Pay or start using the service now, you’ll be ready when we roll out new capabilities, such as APIs, mobile SDKs, alternative forms of payment and hosted checkout.

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