The Top 5 Payment-Processing Myths


The Top 5 Payment-Processing Myths

1. Myth: ARC Pay is expensive.

Reality: ARC Pay saves time and money and reduces errors.

How does ARC Pay do that?

  • If you work in a GDS, ARC Pay automatically pulls in reservation data. There’s no need to re-enter passenger or credit card information. You can save at least a minute for every credit card you need to process.

  • You don’t have another payment platform to use and reconcile.

  • Only ARC Pay consolidates credit card payments with air ticketing in your ARC settlement environment.

  • No additional financial guarantees or collateral are required.

  • There are no costs to void transactions.

2. Myth: All payment processors have surprise fees.

Reality: With ARC Pay, there are no surprise fees.

When you use ARC Pay, expect predictable flat-rate pricing. There are no additional transaction charges, card association fees or statement fees. ARC Pay's competitive flat rate has been steady for 26 years at 3.5%*. An additional $15/month subscription fee only applies if you are actively using ARC Pay.

3. Myth: All payment processors are the same.

Reality: Only ARC Pay was built by and for travel professionals.

ARC understands the nuances of the travel industry and consolidates credit card payments with air ticketing in your ARC settlement environment. Other processors may consider travel transactions risky and charge agencies high rates. And as an ARC-accredited agency or Verified Travel Consultant (VTC), you’re already ARC Pay enabled — simply complete the ARC Pay agreement and start processing!

4. Myth: ARC Pay is for service fees. Period.

Reality: ARC Pay can be used for all travel-related payments.

Use ARC Pay for any travel-related payment you need to process, including air travel, group charges, hotel transfers, baggage fees, car rental and, of course, service fees.

5. Myth: You need to get and maintain separate merchant accounts for different types of payments.

Reality: You already have access to ARC Pay and it simplifies the processing of all your travel-related payments.

ARC Pay transactions settle directly via ARC reporting and combine airline bookings, all travel-related charges and fees. ARC Pay allows travel agencies to work more efficiently, removing operational concerns that can interfere with good customer service. The financial benefits go right to your bottom line and provide business benefits that make your agency more competitive.

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