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Full visibility into air travel activity.

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Providing timely intelligence on the current global air travel landscape with the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive airline sales data.


Insight into airline sales & traffic volume.

ARC Travel Demand provides a holistic view of global airline ticket sales, with visibility into the current industry environment and understanding of future travel demand.
Year-over-year Ticket Sales for July Travel
Cumulative Passenger Count from the United States to Korea
YOY Grapah
View data by ticket purchase date and by flight departure date for a clear picture of sales activity, including refunds and exchanges, travel trends and itinerary dates. Achieve greater insight into the market and demand based on actual airline tickets sold and their associated fees.

Access to timely ticketing data.

ARC Travel Demand pulls from the world's most comprehensive source of global air travel intelligence, including both travel agency sales and direct ticket sales from airlines across the world.
Global Coverage Spans Flights From
Countries & Territories
Countries & Territories
Passenger Trips
Passenger Trips

Expansive intelligence.

With data updated daily, ARC Travel Demand customers have access to timely airlines sales data for travel up to 12 months into the future, as well as five years of historical data for benchmarking.

Get insight into ticketing and fare trends, by country, to identify rebounding destinations. With this data, see year-over-year variances in air sales, including transaction-level details, such as service class as well as fare information, to visualize the evolving air travel market.


Flexible product options.

Gain access to versatile, customizable intelligence with ARC Travel Demand. Customers can select datasets for specific origin and destinations, point-of-sale locations, flight departure dates as well as ticket purchase dates.
Product Option
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ARC Travel Demand is also available as a shared database on Snowflake. Users can easily query, ingest and analyze data on demand, without the need for additional data storage.

Product Option
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With ARC Travel Demand’s API, data is sourced directly from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and available for ingestion into any customer source system. This delivery method allows customers to easily automate file intake.

The intelligence behind air travel.
ARC manages the world's most comprehensive air transaction data. ARC's data is derived from ticketed transactions, reflecting both historical and advance travel purchases.
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Targeted Insights
Looking for a more custom data solution?
ARC's timely, concise and accurate data solutions contain actionable insights tailored to your organization's unique business needs. With a staff of analysts, statisticians and data scientists, ARC's team will consult with you on available report solutions, including format, frequency, depth and breadth of data.
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Product Sheet
ARC Travel Demand Product Sheet
For more information on ARC Travel Demand, download the product sheet.
ARC Travel Demand Glossary
Visit ARC Travel Demand’s glossary for more details on the data.
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ARC's data delivers actionable insights into broad trends and distinct details.
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