Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Accelerate business growth with ARC’s custom reporting solution, which draws from the world’s most comprehensive air travel data. ARC’s timely, concise and accurate reports contain actionable insights tailored to your organization’s unique business needs.

Global Insights to Grow Your Business

Global Dataset
Comprehensive Global Data

ARC’s Custom Reports include settled airline ticket data for U.S. and international markets, representing sales by airlines and all accredited travel agencies worldwide.

Reliable Delivery
Daily Updates

ARC’s custom report data is refreshed on a daily basis, providing timely intelligence to inform your business strategy in a rapidly changing environment.

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Flexible Delivery

Choose from a one-time report or a report subscription. Report delivery options are flexible, from a flat file to an integration with your own systems.

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Secure Data Management

ARC is PCI Level 1 Compliant as a service provider and merchant, and ISO 27001 certified, demonstrating a commitment to comprehensive, enterprise-wide security.


ARC’s Versatile Data, Customized to Your Needs

ARC’s Custom Reports provide actionable insights to a wide range of businesses and industries.

  • Analyze Trends – Get a holistic view of important travel trends.
  • Expand Geographic Coverage – Gain visibility into all U.S. and international travel origins and destinations.
  • Validate Performance – Discover insights into business trajectories.
  • Identify Opportunities – Use ARC’s trusted data to pinpoint opportunities for business growth.
Industries Served

Analyze the Trends Impacting Your Industry

Dozens of industries around the world leverage ARC’s Custom Reports, including:

  • Industry Analyst Firms
  • Technology and Data Companies
  • Airlines and Travel Agencies
  • Airport Parking Companies
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • DMOs, CVBs and Tourism Boards
  • Railroads
  • Freight and Logistics Providers
  • Research Institutions and Universities
  • Many Others
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ARC’s approach is proactive and consultative — ensuring you quickly receive the data you need*. ARC’s staff of analysts, statisticians and data scientists are experts in analyzing air travel sales and trends.

1. Contact Us

Contact us to discuss how ARC’s Custom Reports can provide value to your organization. After an initial conversation about your business needs, ARC’s Custom Reports team will carefully review and analyze your requirements to ensure you receive the right data to meet your organization’s objectives.

2. Customize Your Report

ARC’s team will consult with you on available report solutions, including the report format, frequency, depth and breadth of data. ARC builds Custom Reports according to your requirements, so you only pay for what you need.

3. Stay Connected

After you receive your report, ARC’s dedicated team is available to provide support via phone and email.

*All Custom Reports requests are subject to ARC’s internal legal review and are subject to restrictive provisions within ARC’s standard data sales agreement. Furthermore, you may not be eligible for all the products or services described. ARC reserves the right to determine the eligibility for any product, program or service.

ARC’s data has played an important part in the monthly Travel Trends Index we prepare for the U.S. Travel Association. In particular, ARC’s forward-looking booking data provides an insightful window into near-term future air passenger trends. Added to that, ARC’s staff has consistently provided excellent service to support these custom reports.

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