Global Agency Pro

Global Agency Pro

Global Agency Pro gives destinations and travel suppliers a global view of the agency distribution channel, analyzing performance and market potential to build relationships and increase ROI.

Data to Optimize Destination Growth

Daily Updates

Access over 90% of the world’s travel agency airline transactions—five years of historical ticketing data plus one year of advance purchase data.

​Trend Analysis

Identify high-performing agencies and filter by class of service, trip origins and agency location, and compare findings with competing destinations.

​Intuitive Dashboards

View a global heat map of ticketed trip origins with drill-down capabilities to agency location and contact details, plus data extract capabilities.​

​Agency Information

Contact more than 87,000 travel agencies within IATA and ARC’s global network of travel agencies.


How it Will Help your Destination

Global Agency Pro identifies which agencies are selling your destination and who your best sellers are. Get detailed information on passengers’ trips to better understand your visitors. Whether you need to quickly spot a trend or track sales over time, this tool has you covered.

“Global Agency Pro is at the core of our assessment and has become the main data source fueling our business.”

Case Study

Gain Agency Sales Insights

​A visual, aggregated view of agency ticketing data reduces time and dollars spent on finding the right destination advocates, allowing more time to focus on proactive marketing plans and growth.​

ARC’s Global Agency Pro allows our clients to execute strategies quickly and effectively while enhancing sales operations by connecting them to travel agencies with deep sales expertise. By leveraging the networks of these influential travel agent partners, our clients have driven cost efficiencies and discovered new, valuable ways to use outreach funds within the travel agency channel. The greatest measure of success I’ve seen is our clients realizing additional ROI from the marketing campaigns we built together. That’s impact where it matters.


Improve Performance Measurement

​Increased visibility into sales and agency trends over time, benchmarked against competing destinations, helps you better measure agency loyalty and recognize market trends to maximize goals.​


Optimize your Marketing Budget

​Access to powerful analytics on the travel agency distribution channel allows for quick and easy analysis of ROI on existing sales strategies, in addition to revealing new outreach and fam trip opportunities. ​


Global Agency Pro has been invaluable in assisting Coastal South Carolina with strategic planning around meetings and events in our area, helping us accurately track the seasonality of visitor volume and run successful corresponding marketing campaigns. The tool has also allowed us to recruit travel agencies best suited to promote our destination – and curb our dry season by finding agencies that book significant travel for each month of the year. Global Agency Pro is an asset when it comes to finding trends and is just as effective for the 30,000-foot view as it is down to the account level.


Strengthen Agency Relationships

Comprehensive, trustworthy data aids in communicating more effectively with agency partners on performance and finding new areas for partnership growth, as well as identifying strategies to target independent leisure travelers.


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