Itinerary Detail

Itinerary Detail

ARC’s Itinerary Detail provides detailed, segment-level information on ARC-settled transactions for agency point-of-sale analysis, route and network planning, and sales and marketing strategies.

High-Quality Data at your Fingertips

Flexible Delivery

Receive on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as a .txt file via electronic transmission (secure FTP).

Product Options

Obtain all ARC-reported transactions or a customized file based on a filtered set of transactions.

Segment-Level View

View transaction-level data with 57 data elements, including origin, destination, class of service, marketing airline and more.

Comprehensive Data

Analyze up to 39 months of historical data as well as future travel data, including sales, refunds and exchanges.


Maximize Agency Partnerships

Conduct point-of-sale analysis, and determine which agencies are selling your airline—or could be selling more on your airline—to align agency incentive programs and identify new partnership opportunities.


Optimize Route Planning

Using detailed, transaction data, identify average fares in a specific market or class of service, and determine how your routes are performing to optimize passenger flow and fleet utilization, and create network adjustments.


Improve Channel Measurement

Combine this data with your airline's own direct sales and/or non-U.S. point-of-sale transactions from IATA for a comprehensive view of actual travel through purchase activity. Itinerary Detail is compatible with IATA PaxIS to provide airlines with a global agency channel view.


Target Marketing Efforts

Access to sales with date of issue and selling location allow you to make confident decisions about where to focus time and dollars for improved marketing performance. Working with actual sales data, not projected bookings, allows airlines to effectively measure return on investment.


We consider Itinerary Detail a roadmap. We analyze the data when we’re planning to fly a new route. We can look at ID from a macro level, which we do regularly, or an individual sales manager can look at it from an account level. It’s the life blood of what we do. Itinerary Detail allows us to make informed decisions about our business, and as a result, we’re able to be more profitable in deciding where to fly.

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