Market Locator

Market Locator

ARC’s Market Locator tool provides insight into U.S. air travel purchases and passenger behavior, helping airport professionals identify opportunities, build consumer loyalty and improve service.

Data to Uncover to Relevant Markets

Intuitive Dashboards

​Easily analyze point-of-sale and travel behavior data through interactive graphs and mapping as well as export options for reporting.

​Daily Updates​

​Access up to two years’ worth of historical airline ticketing data plus up to twelve months of purchased tickets not yet flown.

Comprehensive Search​​

​Query data in endless ways to get the specific answers you need and reveal new consumer insights into marketing airline, purchaser location and more.

​Geographic Analysis​

Analyze passenger trends, down to the zip code level, by airline—compare results against competing airport locations.​


Pinpoint Passenger Location

Determine the best place to focus development efforts by identifying the actual location of air travelers in the United States, down to the zip code level. See where the highest volume of passengers are originating from—not just the point-of-sale location—to identify opportunities for growth.​


Uncover Air Purchase Trends

​Analyze purchasing trends at the customer level to better understand your market and the relationship between purchaser location and travel behavior, with filter options, including origin and destination, class of service, trip type and marketing airline.


​The timeliness of the data in Market Locator is a real differentiator. Within days of an announced downgrade in air service by a carrier at a competing airport, I was able to gauge the potential impact by examining passenger behavior.

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Improve Market Operations

Use Market Locator data during supplier conversations to endorse the addition of new routes or route frequencies. Identify local need as well as leakage and diversion trends to bring new airlines and more service to your market.​


Make Proactive Business Decisions

Use forward-looking ticketing data to make business decisions based on advance travel trends. Filter results based on airport pair, city market, any domestic or international destination on a ticketed itinerary, or the airport where passengers originated to understand seasonality of markets.


At Port of Pasco, we look at advance purchases in Market Locator, anywhere from six months to two days before flown, to measure our online sales and marketing campaigns. This makes it easier to identify the purchasing window and directly correlate purchases to marketing campaigns run during the same time frame.

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