Memo Analyzer for Airlines

Memo Analyzer for Airlines

Memo Analyzer offers insight into memo and ticketing data, along with industry benchmarks, to help airlines understand debit memo trends, improve processes and ultimately reduce debit memos.

Detailed Insights into Debit Memos

Daily Updates

Access to current year and two years’ worth of historical memo data via Tableau Online.

Ticket Details

View ticket details associated with each memo, including fare basis and tour code.

Intuitive Dashboards

Analyze data through interactive graphs as well as export options for reporting.

Benchmark Capabilities

View your debit memo recovery performance compared to the industry.


Improve Processes

Debit memo patterns and variances are revealed, so targeted plans, process changes and training curricula can be developed to mitigate issues and reduce future memos.


Optimize Performance Measurement

Increased visibility of memo status, reasons and trends over time, benchmarked against the industry, helps airlines better understand recovery performance and measure the success of improvement plans.


Having this tool has saved us time in terms of analyzing memo data and identifying where it’s coming from — what the issue actually is. It gives us a really good picture of all our markets and lets us drill down to a single memo.

Case Study

Increase Efficiencies

​A visual, aggregated view of memo activity reduces time spent on compiling and analyzing debit memo data, allowing more time to focus on solutions.​


Enhance Agency Relationships

Memo reason analysis enables airlines to communicate more effectively with agency accounts about policy clarifications, contract changes and education opportunities.​


Memo Analyzer provides reliable data and industry benchmarks to effectively measure our debit memo resolution efforts. The tool has proven to be invaluable in validating performance, strengthening agency relationships, and helping us reduce debit memo issuance and costs associated with researching, tracking and managing memos.

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