Origin and Destination Sales Summary

Origin and Destination Sales Summary (ODSS)

Origin and Destination Sales Summary (ODSS) provides airlines with comprehensive sales information for ARC-accredited agency & corporate travel department locations, with respect to city pair markets.

Market-Level Data Prepared for You

Transaction Data

View summarized data for all your documents reported through ARC’s settlement system, including refunded tickets, as far back as 39 months.

Product Options

Choose to receive all ARC-accredited locations and city pairs, or all ARC-accredited locations in city pairs where you have at least one sale.

Benchmarking Data

Compare your sales to an aggregate of ARC’s participating carriers’ sales data, by city pair, within markets with at least three carriers.

Monthly Delivery

Receive data the first Saturday following the close of every month, delivered as text file via FTP or CD-ROM.


Analyze Agency Performance

Review agency performance within specific city pair markets to better manage corporate contracts, construct agency incentive programs, make more accurate budget projections and identify new opportunities.

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Focus Marketing Efforts

Better target your airline’s fare promotions and advertising to agencies using actual city pair sales data. Measure the success of your efforts by monitoring transactions by date against your marketing plan.


Improve Network Planning

View your distribution and O&D performance within the marketplace to more effectively analyze interline and codeshare relationships and select routes to create, expand or contract.


Identify Revenue Opportunities

Use ODSS’s opportunity report to help identify where your growth opportunities really exist by comparing your performance to all ARC-participating carriers in city pair market segments, by total and average fares, and class of service.


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