Revenue Analysis Reports

Revenue Analysis Reports

ARC’s Revenue Analysis Reports provide airlines with data that assists in strategic planning, revenue management and reducing losses due to problematic transactions, unusual ticketing and fraud.

Ticketing Activity Reports for Every Need

Product Options

Select from several reports, which include data to assist with fraud prevention, financial management, revenue accounting and more.

Flexible Delivery

Receive reports as frequently as daily – depending on the report – in Microsoft Excel format.

Updated Daily

Leverage the industry’s most current data, updated daily, with 39 months of settled transaction history.

Customized Reports

Review business requirements with ARC’s team to ensure reports address your airline's unique needs.


Monitor Ticketing Activity

Prevent costly losses using ARC’s financial loss prevention reports by detecting unusual ticketing activity, such as commission anomalies, and flag problematic transactions. Quickly identify agencies that have unusual spikes in sales to help pinpoint fraudulent activity.

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Track Agency Performance

View agency performance by airline-defined regions to develop appropriate agent incentives. Receive aggregated sales totals by fare and commission amounts, with all data elements on the face of a ticket, or view transactions by class of service.


Flag Suspicious Transactions

Identify tickets where a fare was manually altered, including transactions that might be priced incorrectly, and track all voided, refunded and exchanged transactions. Use this data to help reconcile fare issues.


Improve Revenue Management

Reduce time tracking sales and cash flow for more efficient revenue forecasting and budget planning. Supporting airline’s interline billing, easily reconcile revenue and sort, manipulate and distribute data to stakeholders.


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