Revenue Analysis Reports

Revenue Recovery Service

Fully integrated with memo management and analyzer tools, ARC’s Revenue Recovery Service (RRS) helps airlines effectively resolve and recover outstanding agency debit memos.

First-Class Recovery Services at your Fingertips

Monthly Reporting

Receive comprehensive monthly reporting with all open, closed and paid memos as well as escalated memos.

Payment on Recovery

Only pay on memos resolved or recovered— the earlier you engage ARC, the lower your rate. Save money by starting sooner.

Customizable Service

Flexibility to exclude specific agencies from the recovery process, delay memo placement or exclude memos based on dollar value.

Dispute Handling

Investigation of agency disputes is based on airline criteria, with optional escalation to attorney service.


Increase Revenue Recovery

Over 63% of memos are resolved, and more than 87% of closed memos are recovered through RRS. Enjoy a speedy resolution — on average 37 days to close. ARC gets working the instant a airline designates a memo.

This service has alleviated time for our department to dedicate to other areas and make processes leaner, while offering the comfort that collections are being handled with great tact. In addition, we have seen measurable results with the service, including an increased turnaround time for payments.


Preserve Agency Relationships

With ARC handling recovery activities, this service helps preserve the airline/agency relationship – taking hard conversations out of the equation. Each airline has the opportunity to customize its resolution rules and policies.


Improve Memo Management

When combined with Memo Manager and Analyzer products, the integrated suite helps you manage, analyze and resolve memos quicker. Additionally, this comprehensive view allows you to identify trends and validate business strategies.


ARC offers a full-service solution for debit memo management with its Memo Manager and Analyzer tools and Revenue Recovery Service. We use this integrated suite to help us manage, analyze and resolve memos quicker. Having the full picture of our debit memo story allows us to easily identify memo trends, improve processes and reduce debit memos. Thanks to Memo Analyzer, we can quickly pinpoint where we’re encountering problems and better communicate this to agencies. RRS then helps us preserve our relationships – handling the recovery process with care. With ARC, we know we’re in good hands.


Reduce Resource Needs

By contacting agencies on each memo on your behalf, this low-cost solution unburdens you from the task of chasing after funds, leaving you more time for memo reason analysis and process improvement.


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