Transaction History File

Transaction History File

Provides ARC-participating entities quick access to settled and voided transaction information, at the coupon level, for an archived record of settled transactions processed by ARC.

Access Complete Settled Coupon Data

Select Time Period

Access up to 39 months of historical transaction data for the date range you choose before the data is removed from ARC’s systems.

Flexible Format

Data delivered on CD in a text file (.txt) format, compatible with Microsoft Excel and Access for view, sort and report creation functions.

Frequency Options

Receive historical data by week, month, quarter or year based on PED, or select a subscription option for recently settled data on an ongoing basis.

Search Transactions

Included on each CD is the ARC Transaction Viewer™ software, which lets you to search, view and print transaction-level details in a document format.


Retrieve Historical Information

Having a complete record of historical transaction data issued by your organization—the same data as reported through IAR—assures the information is archived properly and can be retrieved at any point when the data is needed in the future.


Improve Research Efforts

Quickly search the entire file for specific transactions, view the applicable data elements and print transactions in the familiar ATB II ticket layout, making research efforts easier.


Enhance Business Analysis

Integrate data into your agency’s back office system for analysis or create your own reports to measure performance by importing the data into hundreds of software packages, including Microsoft Excel and Access.


Reduce Storage Costs

The selected transaction information fits conveniently on a CD, making it much easier to store, secure and retrieve than a box of printed paper documents—plus, it reduces clutter and storage space.


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