Travel Agency Service Fee (TASF)

Travel Agency Service Fee

ARC’s Travel Agency Service Fee (TASF) credit card processing service provides ARC-accredited travel professionals with a simple and efficient way process credit card payments for any travel-related good or service.

A Streamlined Solution

Payment Processing​

Submit credit card charges through your preferred GDS, ARC Agent’s Choice or both. Transactions are settled via your weekly IAR sales.

High Transaction Limits​​

Charge up to $10,000 per transaction with no additional financial collateral or bond required.

Back-Office Integration​

Process transactions through your GDS for a direct feed into back-office accounting systems and a single report for reconciliation and submission.

Transaction History​​

Quickly and easily access your credit card acceptance history for the past 39 months using ARC Document Retrieval Service (DRS).


Streamlined Credit Card Acceptance

Using one processor for all major credit cards, including UATP, eliminates the need for separate agreements and renewals with multiple credit card brands. Plus, you can process credit card payments for all travel-related goods and services rendered.


Spend Less Time on Data Entry

Issuing TASF credit card payments via any GDS automatically pulls in ticket reservation data, so you never have to re-enter passenger information or credit card numbers, freeing up more time to do what you love – plan travel.​


​With ARC’s TASF credit card processing system, the amount of time our staff has to spend charging a card is minimal. They are already working in the GDS, so with just a few keystrokes, they are done. This allows them to focus on what’s important ... selling travel and servicing their customers.​

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Consistent Cash Flow

Payments are issued as part of your weekly ARC report on Fridays, with no additional hold-back period for transaction verification. Plus, TASF allows you to void transactions up to nine days without penalty.​


Only Pay for What You Use

With TASF, there are no monthly commitments, minimums or surprises. You always know the processing fee you’ll be charged: for transactions $20+, the fee is 3.5 percent; for transactions less than $20, the fee is $0.70. Plus, the $27.99 quarterly subscription fee is only applicable when active.


ARC’s TASF tool enables our tickets and service fees to bill simultaneously for easy reconciliation and fewer disputed charges. TASF also allows us to void charges that we’d otherwise have to refund … and that saves money.

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ARC Agent's Choice

Alternative to Using a GDS

ARC Agent’s Choice is an easy-to-use online tool for processing travel-related credit card transactions through ARC as an alternative or additional method to using a GDS.

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