Travel BI

Travel BI

Travel BI provides timely intelligence on the current air travel landscape using the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive ticket transaction data.

Visibility into Air Travel Transactions

Comprehensive Dataset

Analyze segment-level details of air ticket transactions from the past 24 months as well as 12 months into the future for upcoming departure dates.

Settled Data

Travel BI uses settled airline transaction data, which is tickets sold, not just booked, between U.S. travel agencies and airlines around the world.

Daily Updates

Data in Travel BI is updated daily as tickets are settled, providing timely intelligence with minimal lag time in a rapidly changing environment.

Flexible Delivery

The data visualization tool can be accessed via web browser, while the data feed can be easily integrated into your own systems or combined with other datasets.


Enhance Market Intelligence

Gain clear visibility into the current industry landscape as well as insights into future travel demand, with a holistic view of U.S.-point-of-sale air ticket transactions. Using Travel BI’s data visualizations, see transactions by purchase date and departure date for a clear picture of sales activity, ticketed travel dates, and refunds and exchanges. Make better planning decisions based on actual tickets sold and associated fare amounts.


Access Extensive Passenger Data

Providing financial settlement between airlines and agencies, including OTAs and corporates, ARC is the single best source for data collection of U.S.-point-of-sale air ticket transactions. Travel BI pulls from ARC’s comprehensive dataset, which consists of more than 300 million passenger trips, as a result of $97 billion air transactions between airlines and U.S. travel agency locations.

Streamline Airline Meeting Preparation

Benchmark Travel Industry Performance

See year-over-year variances in ticket sales for country-specific travel. Drill down into transaction details, such as transaction type, service class as well as fare information, by segments on a ticket, to visualize the evolving air travel market. View trends on the country level and compare findings against other origins and destinations.


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