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The ARC Accredited Agency Program

Why Join?

Equip Your Agency for Success

ARC Accredited Agencies have access to ARC's first-class financial settlement service and the ARC Accredited Agency Toolkit, including ARC's credit card and service fee processing program; commissionable and business products; and services like fraud prevention. And of course, your own ARC number.

Equip Your Agency for Success

The Benefits of Becoming an ARC Accredited Agency

Book Direct
Book Direct

As an Accredited Agent, tickets can be issued directly through a GDS, and settled through ARC and your customer travels!

Access to 200+ Carriers
Access to 200+ Carriers

There are now over 200 carriers participating in ARCs settlement plan, and that number grows every year.

Training & Support
Training & Support

ARC Provides webinars and updates throughout the year. And, tailors the training to meet our agencies needs.

Fraud Protection
Fraud Protection

ARC takes measures to alert agents of new fraud methods and to prevent our agents from becoming the victim in complex fraud schemes.

Settlement Services
Settlement Services

ARC settles the transaction from the agents to the carriers, including drafts for cash tickets sold, or remittance from the carriers to the agents.

Revenue Potential
Revenue Potential

Through a GDS, agents book travel on any participating ARC carrier, issue service fees for travel services, and have it all settled weekly by ARC.


What it Takes to be an ARC Accredited Agency

Applicants undergo ARC's comprehensive approval process. Some requirements of ARC Accredited Agency participation include the following:

  • Location – Your agency must be located in and authorized to do business in the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico or American Samoa.

  • Financials – You must provide a bond, letter of credit or cash deposit in the minimum amount of $20,000

  • Personnel – Your agency must fulfill and meet specific personnel requirements these standards noted in Part II-8 of the Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA)

  • Ticketing – Your agency must meet the ticketing security standards of Section B of the Industry Agents' Handbook (IAH)

  • Application – You must complete and submit ARC’s ARC Accredited Agency Application Agreement

If your agency does not meet these requirements, please consider our Verified Travel Consultant (VTC) program.

How to Join

The Application Process

1. Prepare
  • Review the eligibility requirements.

2. Submit Application
  • Submit your application with the necessary payment.
  • Ensure you have provided all supporting documents.
  • Keep a copy of the application for your records.
3. Review & Decision
  • Application is reviewed & documentation verified.
  • In-person interview conducted at agency.
  • Decision is based on interview, application & documentation.

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