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Obtain Air Ticketing Power

With ARC, agencies are empowered to issue air tickets, including cash sales and service fees, on more than 200 airlines—directly through global distribution systems (GDSs), aggregators and airlines—to build the best air packages for their customers.


Gain Global Recognition

An ARC-accredited agency is recognized by suppliers worldwide as having the authority to ticket air travel as well as book hotels, cruises and more, based on the type of accreditation.

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Tools to Help You Ticket

Document Retrieval Service (DRS) is a secure record-keeping system for ARC participants of more than three years of IAR-reported ticketing data.

ARC’s Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR) is an electronic sales reporting system for travel agents and CTDs.

When we opened our office in 1991, we knew we needed to be ARC accredited for the ticketing and reporting tools. Over the years we have learned just how much more valuable ARC is to our business, from its friendly and knowledgeable customer service to innovations in debit memo and ticket resolution. The ARC accreditation sign is a welcome sign of trustworthiness that clients want to see. I really do not believe we could have grown and remained in business without ARC.


Improve Transaction Management

ARC offers a streamlined way to bill and pay for airline transactions to simplify bookkeeping. Agents can view, exchange and modify transactions, leverage financial reports, review and analyze debit memos, and draw on ARC’s industry expertise.

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I received my ARC appointment back in 1999, when we had to mail auditor’s coupons in every Tuesday wrapped by an adding machine tape. Fast forward almost 20 years later, and settlement is so much faster … and easier. I can access IAR no matter where I am, even from an airplane, midflight. The BOS file allows me to compare my back office accounting system with IAR, which cuts down on costly errors and potential debit memos. The system works so well that I rarely have to call for assistance, but when I do, ARC’s friendly customer service competently and quickly solves any issues.


Get a Seat at the Table

Through participation with ARC, agents have direct access to airlines, technology partners and industry peers to collaborate on issues, trends and goals to better the business they do together. ARC unites the travel industry with topic-specific working groups, industry conferences and more.

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Financial solutions to protect and propel commerce

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Training and Support

ARC provides training, webinars and other resources throughout the year to help agents manage and enhance their businesses.

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Profile Updates

With the Accreditation tool, agencies can modify their business information, which is supplied to participating airlines.

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Record Keeping

Agents can access their weekly sales activity with ARC’s IAR and ISS products, as well as view ticket details with DRS.

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Memo Management

ARC gives agents access to its Memo Manager tool, which automates memo processing and payment between airlines and travel agencies.

A and C Travel has been an ARC participant for 25 years, because we feel safe, reliable and confident in running our travel business under ARC’s management and instruction. We are grateful for all that ARC has done for us over the years to help us become the successful travel agency we are today.

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