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Why Become Certified?

Expand Your Knowledge

Gain Efficiencies

Gain a broad understanding of ARC and its processes to become more efficient in using ARC's tools.

Improve Operations

Learn about ARC's core settlement tools, products and services—and how to apply them to your agency.

Differentiate Yourself

Develop your skills and become your agency's go-to resource for ARC-related expertise.

Professional Dedication

Maintaining the AS certification keeps you current, as your certification includes continuing education programs each year.

“The ARC Specialist Training has been tremendously helpful, especially as I am in the process of starting my own vacation assistance agency. As my business launches, it will be valuable having the knowledge and designation of the ARC Specialist Certification.”

Program Details

Everything You Need to Know

The ARC Specialist is an individual who has demonstrated the knowledge of ARC's Area Settlement Plan (ASP) by passing the ARC Specialist Certification examination. All individuals who successfully pass the exam receive a certificate and the “ARC Specialist” designation. ARC offers training to help prepare you for the certification exam.

  • The training curriculum and exam cover all aspects of ARC's settlement process. See the topics that are covered in the training and exam.
  • The exam and training program are offered online or in a classroom environment.
    • The exam is administered on the final day of the classroom training.
    • The online exam must be completed within 90 of online registration.
  • The exam must be completed within 90 minutes. This is applicable to both the classroom and online format.
  • A passing score is 70% or higher.

The fees for the ARC Specialist training and/or exam are as follows:

Training and Exam
  • Online

Exam Only $300
Continuing Education Course No Fee

Topics covered in the training and exam:

  • My ARC 101
  • ARC's Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA)
  • Travel Agency Participation
  • My ARC
  • Document Type
  • Taxes, Fees and Charges
  • Payment Card Processing
  • Ticketing
  • ARC's Sales Reporting Process
  • Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR)
  • ARC's Void and Modification Rules
  • Adjustments
  • ARC Memo Manager (AMM)
  • Best Practices for Effective Debit Memo Resolution
  • Refunds and Exchanges
  • Tackling Refunds and Exchanges
  • Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EDMs)
  • ARC Pay
  • IAR Back Office System (BOS)
  • Document Retrieval Service (DRS)
  • New Distribution Capabilities (NDC)
Stay Certified

Keeping Up To Date

Once an individual receives their ARC Specialist certification, they must maintain their certification by completing one continuing education (CE) course each year, starting the year following the receipt of certification.

  • An ARC Specialist will have from January 1 to December 31 to complete their CE course requirement.
  • If an ARC Specialist does not complete their annual CE course requirement, their certification will expire.
  • Once a certification expires, the individual will be required to retake the ARC Specialist exam to become re-certified.
Training at Your Own Pace

ARC Online Training Site

The ARC online training site is ARC’s training portal that is hosted by Digital Tangents Advanced Learning Systems. Here, agents can access the ARC Specialist online training courses, examination and continuing education courses. In addition, it will be the access point to a growing list of agent training opportunities.


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